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We rebuilt the wholesale ordering process from scratch to make you excel at what you do. We specifically designed it for those of you who want to work with the emerging brands.

Nulisec isn't just another B2B Marketplace

Designed to help you discover emerging brands and stay ahead of consumer demand. Data sourcing using AI. Brand-focused. And comes with industry-specific features that make you more productive.

Put your brand in front of buyers

We are a producer first marketplace. We take pride in providing our producers with a platform to grow their brand and find new distribution partners in international markets.

  • Brand Profile

    Created in partnership with leading retailers, your profile highlights key information buyers look for and is seamlessly discovered by buyers.

  • Product Pages

    Showcase your products on product pages so buyers can easily locate and compare characteristics like MSRP, margin, and packaging types to fit their needs.

  • More than lead generation

    Share your brand page with buyers and receive orders directly through one centralized platform, and submit your Brand Profile to any buyer you would like to target.

B2B design is our core

Nulisec integrates with your current workflow. We’ve set out to digitize every mundane task so that you can focus on what you do best. We've created a discovery & ordering experience with B2B specific features in mind.

  • Choose from the best

    We handpick each brand to join our community. This means you no longer have to sort through the noise. Centralize all inbound listing requests from top producers of sustainable, eco-friendly and ethically made CPGs.

  • Safe and Secure

    We repeatedly refined every part of the new product discovery process to digitize only the essential work that needs to be automated. To give you the fastest and most effective discovery and sourcing system ever made. Increasing your deal flow.

  • Get straight to business

    We work closely with leading retailers to understand what information you need to decide to meet a supplier. Smart brand profiles allow you to easily evaluate and compare key info at a glance and communicate with suppliers.


Trusted by leading European manufacturers and distributors

Partner in Pet Food
Bona Vita
MK Invest
Product Bohemia

“ Jednotný online systém, jako je Nulisec, nám dovoluje efektivně pracovat s vizibilitou našich produktů na portálu, logistikou, akčními nabídkami či změnami v podmínkách pro naše odběratele. Mimo to získáváme nové klienty, o kterých jsme dosud nevěděli. Dokážeme s nimi rychle navázat spolupráci a později i jednoduše komunikovat. ”

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