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Everything you need to stay ahead of consumer demand, simplified

Expand your product range with products introduced into the market from existing as well as upcoming brands that consumers love.


Ever growing marketplace

Thousands of SKUs added weekly from emerging brands and new suppliers of eco-friendly products.

Connect more efficiently

Don’t spend countless hours searching for relevant suppliers when you can connect with all of them with a click of a button.

Products that meet your need

Access a handpicked selection of brands with value: organic, bio, eco-friendly and ethically produced goods all in one place.

Source from the Source

Nulisec is a supplier first marketplace that allows you to do business directly with the manufacturer or their exclusive representative.


Shop for your store, whenever, wherever

Sourcing products can be done in person, via phone, email or through Nulisec. Our marketplace is accessible through your tablet, phone, and computer.


Cut to the chase

We’ve all been there before, months of in-person meetings and phone calls with suppliers just to find out the prices were not competitive.

We’ve built a price inquiry right into our marketplace. Just click Price Inquiry and we will take care of all those meetings and phone calls for you.

Price Inquiry will change the way you think about discovering new suppliers. Receive personalized prices within minutes and start transacting now. Take control of your time and your productivity.

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