Imagine all the European manufacturers were only one click away

Nulisec makes manufacturers more accessible for the very first time!

Join our wholesale marketplace and let’s change how this business works, together.


European Manufacturers Rejoice!

Our personal goal is to make the European wholesale industry more open and give retailers a chance to do business directly with the manufacturers.

We believe a more connected world will make it easier for everyone to do business together.


What if products could teleport?

You decide if it’s retailers or distributors you want to connect with based on who YOU want to sell to.

Our goal is to shorten the time/distance your product needs to move within your distribution channels.

We make $ when you make $$$

There are no fees for setting up your store. No monthly or hidden fees.

You only pay if you sell. That is kinda a no brainer, right?


Be online within a few minutes

Setting up the store is super easy. You will be able to do it in a few minutes thanks to our video guide.

Just sit down, think about your story and get ready to share it with the world!

You wanna buy? Excellent!

Join our list and be the first online when we open our Marketplace 2.0 - you might even get an early Beta access!

And what other perks will you get?

time management
Anytime and Anywhere

We did all the discovering and negotiating for you, so that you don’t have to travel or spend days at trade shows anymore. We bring the whole world to you! Convenient, huh?

Schedule your orders

Are you ordering the same goods every month, 2 weeks or even every week? Save time by scheduling your orders ahead! We will inform you 1 week before ordering and you can always adjust your planned order!

Container ship
Bulk orders

Plenty things to buy and not so much time? No problem, we got your back! With our bulk ordering feature you just copy paste your order and you are good to go!

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We are working hard on our B2B Marketplace App.

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